Good decorating is all about the preparation work. There’s nothing we like more than putting on a fresh topcoat on a surface, standing back and admiring how smooth and clean it looks and the difference it makes to the room. However, we know that before you get to that stage you have to do all the hard and dirty work first.

With wood, and several other surfaces, that means spending some time filling and sanding surfaces so that they’re smooth. Sanding involves using an abrasive paper or machine to remove the top layers and create a smooth and even plane. This can cause lots of dust. Unless, that is, you have special machinery and equipment to remove this dust and keep workspaces clean.

That’s exactly how we work here at OC Decorating. We know that our clients want to keep dust and disruption to a minimum. That’s why we’ve invested in dust-free technology that allows us to sand and prep walls and woodwork without the associated dust clouds this can cause.

This means we can create smooth and flat surfaces ready for painting without covering everything else in the building in a fine layer of dust. Our extraction systems are state-of-the-art, keeping your home clean and our working environment safe. It also means we can spend more time on the prepping of surfaces and painting and less time clearing up, so we can get the job done faster and to agreed deadlines.

This is the way we like to work and we know from experience that our customers really appreciate the reduced dust and disruption, not to mention the superior finish.  To find out more about what we do and how we work, get in touch with a member of our team.

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